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Ovulation Induction

Enhancing fertility with medications to stimulate egg production and improve chances of conception


Intrauterine insemination: fertility treatment placing sperm directly into uterus.


Assisted reproductive technique to achieve pregnancy outside the body.


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: precise fertilization technique for assisted reproduction.

Fertility Preservation

Options to protect fertility through egg freezing or sperm banking for future family planning.

Donor Treatments

Options involving donor eggs, sperm, or embryos to assist in achieving pregnancy and building families.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Advanced procedures with smaller incisions, reducing recovery time and improving surgical outcomes

PGS(Pre Implant Genetic Surgery)

Enhances IVF success by screening embryos for genetic abnormalities pre-implantation.

PGD(Pre Genetic Diagnosis)

Identifies genetic abnormalities in embryos before implantation during IVF

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

Cultivating immature eggs in a lab for fertility treatment, offering alternatives to traditional IVF.

MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting)

Technique for selecting high-quality sperm in assisted reproductive technologies

Endometrial receptivity array (ERA)

Genetic test assessing uterine receptivity for optimal embryo implantation timing.

Assisted Hatching For Embroys

Procedure to enhance embryo implantation by creating a small opening in the zona pellucida.

Endometrysis & Uteric Fibroids

Conditions affecting fertility, managed through medical, surgical, or assisted reproductive treatments.

PCOD/ PCOS Treatment

Managing symptoms through lifestyle changes, medications, and fertility treatments for improved reproductive health

Surgical Sperm Recovery

Techniques to retrieve sperm directly from the male reproductive tract for assisted reproductive procedures.

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