Best Fertility Centre – Dr. Swapna Naik

Dr. Niteen

Dr. Uday

Dr. Vikram

Dr. Priya

This team which will be Lead by the one & only Dr. NiteenGhorpade aims to perform the most complex surgeries in Gynaecology at your own centre and we plan to do it pan India.
This will help to estabish that particular centre as a referral unit for such cases and will enhance the overall growth of the concerned doctor We will arrange seminars, CMES at the respective centers and will do live operative workshops from the concerned centre.
We wil bring the best of technology and surgical skill to your door steps.

Surgeries to be performed

>> Grade IV endometriosis
>> Bowel endometriosis requiring disc
>> Excision or segmental resection
>> Ureteric endometriosis requiring ureteric reimplantation
>> Cancer surgeries
>> Fistula repairs (UVF, VVF, RVF)

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